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LNER Gresley V3's

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LNER Gresley V3's Empty LNER Gresley V3's

Post  RJ Bandsma #68 Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:38 am

The development of large tank engines was somewhat delayed by problems on the Southern Railway following the Sevenoaks derailment thought to have been caused by the instability of the large K class 2-6-4 tanks. Gresley carried out stability tests on one of these locomotives and finding no trouble and without further delay produced his sophisticated VI class suburban tank in 1930. This incorporated his 3-cylinder system and was the first example of all three cylinders and valve chests being incorporated into a single steel casting;[2] this arrangement was used for the P2 Cock o' the North and the subsequent V2, K4 and V4 types.
RJ Bandsma #68
RJ Bandsma #68

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